Dice Animation by Hitoshi Akayama

I performed a few searches of the Japan Media Arts Festival Database today. It’s quite an archive. Searching for games, I came across this Dice animation by Hitoshi Akayama.

Some more searching around and I discover: “The computer graphics animation “dice” aims at creating images that are both rhythmic and enjoyable from the movement of rolling dice. This work consists of one cut, created by continuous camera work. The interest of movement is expressed by the chain reaction of the rolling dice, which roll from one scene into another, one after another seamlessly. Moreover, the data (localization and the timing of the dice landing and colliding with each other) created by “MAYA” is exported to the “MAX/MSP/Jitter” sound software to generate the sound part of this animation, so that the sound is synchronized with dice’s movement. Furthermore this data is used to create the melody.”


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