Enigma Sphere

Enigma Sphere is a room escape themed action-puzzle game built from the ground up for VR. Find the Spheres and solve the puzzles hidden in each stage to advance the game.

The story begins with the sudden appearance of mysterious cybernetic beings set on destroying the planet earth with a weapon capable of destruction on a planetary scale.

The player assumes the role of a Super Agent – a member of an elite team of hackers charged with taking control of the androids protecting this super weapon, and using them to destroy the “Spheres” vital to its operation and survival.

The game offers three player modes:

Story Mode Story Mode allows players to fully experience the immersive story and lore of Enigma Sphere.
Take on the role of a Super Agent and defend planet earth from total destruction in a series of high-stakes missions!
Challenge Mode Story Mode with a twist – we’ve added a scoring system and clear timers to every stage.
Use this mode to hone your skills as you aim for the highest scores and lowest clear times!
See where you place in the world rankings as you compete with other Agents from all over the world!
Sphere Attack Mode A completely new way to play Enigma Sphere – Sphere Attack Mode is a competitive game mode in which players shatter as many Spheres as they can within the time limit.
Enjoy satisfying arcade-style action in this brand new game mode!
This mode also includes support for multiplayer and rankings for players all over the world – so try it with a friend!

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