— P i n g P o n g + + —

Artist Xiao Xiao’s (萧潇) PingPong++ is a pingpong table that accurately detects the location of ball hits and displays interactive graphics on its surface based on the hits. Based on the functionality of PingPongPlus, PingPong++ redesigned the system to take advantage of open-source Arduino and Processing platforms and with much-improved sensor accuracy.

The sensor circuit and interactive software are shared with the public such that anyone can build their own version of PingPong++. To develop visualizations, users can take advantage of the rich array of open content on existing Processing communities.

PingPong++ has been installed in the atrium of the MIT Media Lab since May 2010. It has also been replicated in several locations around the world, including China and Singapore.

You can build your own PP++! [Instructions + code on Github]

Visualization for Hiroshi Ishii’s birthday 2011 made in collaboration with Lining Yao

At event hosted by Benesse, Tokyo, 12.15.12.

Hisense Exhibition Center. Qingdao, China. Ongoing.
Benesse Event. Tokyo, Japan. December 2012.

ACE 2011 paper


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